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 Tree and Shrub Trimming Services
Your trees need regular maintenance and care if they’re going to remain beautiful and healthy.
We trim and shape all hedges, trees and ornamental plants under 20 ft.
Debris can be neatly bagged for curbside pickup or hauled off property for an additional fee.
palm tree trimming in port st lucie fl

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is the removal of branches or deadwood for the purpose of making the tree look more uniform or neat. It also helps keep limbs away from houses, fences, and power lines.  

Tree pruning is strategically done in an effort to change the future growth and shape of the tree. Pruning helps protect against pests and diseases, and promotes strong growth.

Here in southeast Florida we love our palm trees, but they need constant trimming to look neat and healthy. Let the pros at Treasure Coast Turf Pro do the tree trimming for you. We trim all trees under 20 ft. 

hedge trimming service in port st lucie fl

Ornamental Shrub Trimming

Do you have shaggy shrubs? Trimming and pruning your ornamental shrubs are essential for a manicured landscape. These types of bushes can add so much texture and interest to your landscape, but they do demand constant trimming and care to keep their shape.

We are experienced in all types of ornamental shrub trimming and pruning. Let us do the work for you to get them into shape and then to maintain that manicured curb appeal look for you.

Schedule your lawn service today or give us a call if you have any questions.

hedge trimming service in port st lucie fl

Hedge Trimming

All plants require a trim sometime! Hedges required regular trimming to keep their shape. And of course growth rates will determine any maintenance schedule.

Whatever kind of hedges you have we'll keep them neatly trimmed on a maintenance schedule that works for you. You can order our trimming services à la carte or as part of your lawn service package.

Hedge trimming debris can be neatly bagged for curbside pickup or hauled off property for an additional fee.


Beautiful lawns are hard work, but not when you engage TC Turf Pro to do it for you.
We can customize any package or service.
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